crowborough_team_2The Crowborough Office was opened by Gaynor Springett in August 1988 just before the Government announced its withdrawal of joint tax relief on mortgages (MIRAS) which led to the collapse of property prices in the early 1990’s.  However, this did not hamper the growth of the office and even the troubled markets of the last three years have been unable to dent progress.

We are proud to be the most established office in Crowborough and the leading independent estate agent.

The office is run by partners Simon Ellis and Gaynor Springett the former specialising in land and new homes, which is a strong part of our business throughout the company.  Most of our staff live and were brought up locally and therefore have great knowledge of the local property market and indeed facilities that are provided within the area.

We hope you enjoy browsing our internet site and hope to help you with your property related matters in the future.

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